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BGA Golf Programs / Clinics


SuperSpeed Golf Clinic

BGA Program: SuperSpeed Golf Clinic


Clinic: SuperSpeed Golf

Learn: Learn How to Increase Club Speed – Ball Distance

Instructor: PGA Certified Associate Coach, Rachel Johnson

Required: Players required to purchase SuperSpeed Golf Training Set (Included in Price)

NOTE – Place your order 2 weeks in Advance of First Class to Get Fit for SuperSpeed Golf Set – Training Sticks

Program Length: Six Weeks

Schedule 2024:

Jan Tue 9th or Wed 10th
Jan Tue 16th or Wed 17th
Jan Tue 23rd or Wed 24th
Jan Tue 30th or Wed 31st
Feb – Tue 6th or Wed 7th
Feb – Tue 13th or Wed 14th

Makeup Week (Due to inclement weather: Feb – Tue 20th or Wed 21st)

Late Comers Welcome: Class Schedule will be extended

Time: 7:15pm – 8:00pm

Cost: $399 (Clinic includes SuperSpeed Golf Training Set.)

Barla_Golf_Academy_Golf_Clubs_Equipment_600x400__0000s_0007_SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf Training

How we move as human beings is controlled by the brain. OverSpeed Training takes a known motion like the golf swing and speeds up the reaction speed of your muscles when you make the motion. This works by using clubs slightly lighter than your driver, reducing the dynamic resistance of your swing, and allowing your body to move much faster than normal. The SuperSpeed training protocols are designed to maximize this effect, in essence taking the governor off the engine of your golf swing leading to increased club head speeds.


BGA SuperSpeed Clinic Jan & Feb 2024 Registration

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Barla Golf Academy - Meet Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, PGA Certified Associate Coach

At Barla Golf Academy, we are thrilled to welcome back Rachel Johnson as a PGA Associate Coach. Rachel, originally from Anderson, Indiana, brings a wealth of experience and talent to our team.

Rachel’s dedication and exceptional performance earned her the prestigious title of Indiana Girls Player of the Year in both 2011 and 2012 while she was an active member of the Indiana Junior Golf Association. She continued her golf journey at Yorktown High School, playing a pivotal role in securing the 2012 IHSAA State Championship for her team. Her success carried over to her college career, where she began at Chicago State University, achieving 7 top 10 finishes in her successful freshman year before transferring to Missouri State University. During her time at Missouri State, Rachel’s talent shone brightly as she played a pivotal role in winning the Missouri Valley Conference Championship in 2017 and 2018, and even advanced to the NCAA regional. In 2018, she had a standout junior year, winning the Missouri Valley Conference Individually. By the end of her college career in 2019, Rachel secured 3 event wins, over 15 top 10 finishes, and the honor of being named MVC Golfer of the Week 5 times.

Rachel’s passion for the game led her to pursue a professional career, and in 2023, she emerged victorious as the Indiana PGA Women’s Open Champion, showcasing her remarkable skill and determination.

Joining Barla Golf Academy, Rachel brings her expertise and knowledge to our team, inspiring aspiring golfers with her continued success in the world of golf as she works towards joining the Women’s LPGA.


Putting Clinic

BGA Program: BGA Putting Clinic


Clinic: BGA Putting Clinic

Learn: Expert Fitter, Don Yohe will custom fit players for their best putter and Coach Johnson will instruct players on Pro-Level Golf Putting Techniques

Includes an in-stock PING or SeeMore Putter. Additional putters available which may require an additional fee.

Clinic Schedule: To Be Announced in 2024

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm


40% of Strokes are Used by Your Putter

Golf Studies reveal that 40% of strokes are used by your putter. If you are interested in improving your score, Coach Barla highly recommends registering for BGA’s Putter Clinic.


Orange Whip Fitness Clinic

BGA Program: Orange Whip Fitness Clinic


Clinic: Orange Whip Fitness

Instructors: Coach Barla

Learn: The Orange Whip provides a core muscle workout when used during repetitive motion drills. The wrists and forearms receive a workout doing various drills and during the hinging action while swinging. COORDINATION. The Orange Whip synchronizes the arms and body while swinging it repetitively.

Required: Players required to own or purchase Orange Whip Trainer

Program Length: Six Weeks

Clinic Schedule:  To Be Announced Spring 2024

Time: TBA

Cost: $240 (Clinic includes a discounted rate for all 6 classes.)

Barla_Golf_Academy_Golf_Clubs_Equipment_600x400__0000s_0000_Orange Whip Power Peel

OrangeWhip Training

The Orange Whip Power Peel was designed to develop your golf swing both on and off the golf course. The Orange Peel, LightSpeed Trainer, six connection points, and resistance bands allow you to develop and strengthen your 5 Foundational Swing Skills with functional golf movements that are the foundation of your golf swing.

The Power Peel Package allows you to combine swing training with a golf exercise program, improving your golf swing and golf fitness in just 20 minutes a day. Designed for use with the Orange Whip Golf & Fitness streamable golf exercise and swing programs. This is the ultimate golf swing fitness gym.

  • Combines swing training and golf fitness to improve your golf swing twice as fast
  • Band connection points provide resistance and assistance training to strengthen your core golf muscles
  • Develops your foundational swing skills of posture, rotations, segmentation, weight shift & balance, and swing plane

Wedge Clinic

BGA Wedge Fit Clinic


Certified / Expert Club Fitter, Don Yohe

Wedge Fitting Clinic: Don Yohe

This will be a clinic where you will not only learn the proper usage, methods, and shot types with wedges, but you will also be fit for and get to choose a new wedge to put into your bag as well!

The fittings will be based on how you plan to use the wedge, what your swing tendencies are, and your preferred ball flight and spin desires.

We will be carrying and fitting for the following wedges: Cleveland Wedge, PING, Mizuno and Titleist wedges

Instruction Cost: $149 (Includes Instruction and Fitting for a Cleveland Wedge. (Cleveland Wedge is included from Barla Golf Academy’s – In-Stock Only Wedge Selection)

PING, Mizuno and Titleist wedge may be purchased too..at additional fee for clinic-club.

Clinic Schedule: To Be Announced Winter 2024

Location: Barla Golf Academy

Time: TBA

ADM American

Scott does a great job of providing a competitive and fun environment for junior golfers.  Our 10 year old son plays competitive golf and has been to Scott's golf camps and received private lessons.  Each time he enjoyed learning something new about the game and felt like he was improving.  Scott has also been a tremendous resource in fitting our son for the correct equipment given his skill level and goals.  Whenever we had questions or requests, Scott was always timely with his responses and provided valuable insight to help us make the best investment in our son's game.

Scott D.

After taking lessons from Scott, my game has improved a lot. My handicap has gone down 18 points. Scott has helped me with my swing, stance and hand placement. Seeing myself on video,  I am able to see my swing from different views. Scott points out areas I can improve, as well as good parts of my swing that I need to continue. His training has made a great improvement in my game.

I will be taking lessons from him again to work on my game. I know I will continue to improve.

Karla W.

We first met Scott Barla when he started giving our son golf lessons close to 9 years ago. Scott taught our son the fundamentals of golf at an early age. Our son is currently playing competitive golf on multiple junior tours successfully thanks to Scott’s direction. He has a great understanding of how to teach young golfers the skills as well as the rules of the game. He addresses all aspects the golf game whether it be physical or mental as well as the proper equipment needed for our son’s individual game.  He is very creative with his teaching techniques. He is great working with group lessons or on an individual basis. We would highly recommend Scott as a golf instructor no matter what level of player you are. He has been both incredibly professional while remaining personable. He has been an integral piece of our son’s development as a golfer.

Bradley and Dina R.

I have worked with Scott for 2 years. He has helped me with my golf game. When I started I was a 14 handicap and I got down to a 9. He also work with my wife (who is not a golfer).She enjoyed the lessons. I was fitted for new irons at his new facility. It is very professional. I look forward to working with Scott this winter.

Donnis F.

I have enjoyed working with Scott over the past couple of years. His instructions have helped me be more consistent with my golf swing and putting stroke. I especially like the videos. It helps to see what I am actually doing and I can review  them later as needed.

Debbie G.

Scott did a great job of helping me improve my game. He also did a great job in fitting me for the new clubs that I really love. Thanks so much.

Keith B.

We met Scott Barla and started working with him about 3 years ago when our son was a freshman in high school. Scott has always been professional, knowledgeable and helpful in providing ways to improve our son’s golf game. After growing 5 inches in one year, we worked with Scott to find a new set of clubs that would fit him properly. Scott spent a ton of time trying out several different head and shaft combinations. We ended up with a set of clubs that shaved strokes off his score. I highly recommend Scott and the Barla Golf Academy for all your instruction and club fitting needs.

Jenny S.