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Introducing PING’S New G430 Series

You’re Invited to PING’S Complimentary Demo & Free Club Fitting Night

Complimentary Fitting Available for 6 Lucky Golfers on Tues, Jan 31st!

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You will not want to miss this Complimentary Club Fitting Event! Tuesday, January 31, 2022, BGA’s PING Fitting & Product Specialist, Don Yohe, will introduce PING’s NEW G430 Lines of Woods, Hybrids and Irons at Barla Golf Academy from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Barla Golf Academy, in Noblesville, IN.

Starting with PING’S biggest distance jump in the speed-inducing driver and completing the set with their longest iron ever, they have achieved their most significant performance gains ever across every club in their New G430 Family. Take from the pros, who changed to the new G430 Driver in record numbers in its first week on tour, complimenting the faster ball speed and pleasing sound for the quick and easy transition. Learn more about the G430 Series…

FIRST COME. FIRST SERVE. The first 6 BGA Members or local Golfers are invited to signup at BGA or simply email Coach Barla at sbarla@barlagolfacademy.com or text us at 317-210-3499 to to secure your spot for your Free – 30 Minute PING G430 Club Fitting Appointment

Barla Golf Academy is proud to offer PING’s Advanced Club Fitting Experience

Utilizing PING’s advanced tools (hardware and software) your fitter will solicit your input and use the PING Process of Elimination to narrow down club choices until the two best-performing options are identified. Ultimately, ball flight is king and will be used to finalize your specs – while also considering feel, sound and consistency. Your fitter will alternate between the final two clubs, discussing performance relative to your preferences and needs until you can choose one. You then proceed to the next fitting step.

Static (Biometric) Fitting – The Time-Tested Starting Point – After the initial interview, your fitter will determine your initial club specifications based on your preferences, needs and ability. For drivers, fairways and hybrids, you’ll discuss the general performance characteristics of different models, lofts and shafts. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are taken to help calculate your static iron color code (lie angle) and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static grip color code, or grip size. You can perform a complete static fitting now by utilizing WebFit, our online fitting application.

Dynamic Swing Test – How You Deliver the Club at Impact – Indoors or outdoors, for an iron fitting you will hit a few golf balls from a diagnostic board, and your fitter will apply diagnostic tape on the sole of the club to assess how your setup, posture, and swing affect the club head’s dynamic delivery. Your fitter will see how your swing responds to different shafts, assess your angle of attack, and determine where you strike the ball on the face. Your fitter then makes adjustments to arrive at your color code (lie angle).

Ball-Flight Analysis – Last But Not Least – Ball flight tells all.  It is the last, but most important step. We’ll look at launch conditions, landing angle and peak trajectory and dispersion, then arrive at your gapping and set makeup to achieve the proper balance of distance and accuracy, leveraging big-data insights from Arccos and the PGA Tour’s Shotlink. The goal is to deliver efficiency so you get the most out of your swing and every round you play. We’ve seen too many golfers lose distance through a poor fitting alone. But when you marry a great fitting with superior product, the results can be game changing for you.


Complimentary 30 Minute Fitting for 6 Lucky Golfers!

Open to BGA Members , Students and Local Golfers (Adults & Juniors Welcome)

Free 30 Minute PING Club Fitting

Exclusive PING CLUB Fitting experience.

DATE:    Tuesday, January 31, 2023

TIME:    4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

PHONE:     317-210-3499

LOCATION:     Barla Golf Academy

ADDRESS:  14660 Herriman Blvd, Suite 600, Noblesville, IN 46060


Register Today ~ First Come. First Serve.

 Email us  –  sbarla@barlagolfacademy.com or Text Us at 317-210-3499

Please include your product interest (Drivers, Irons, Fairways or Hybrids)

You might be swinging a club that’s too heavy, meaning you’re not generating sufficient club head speed and ball velocity to hit the ball as far as you’d like with consistency. Introducing the G430 HL (High Launch) build, a new full-set custom option for slower swing-speed golfers. Custom engineered with lighter head weights, shafts and grips, the overall system is lighter so you’ll swing faster and generate more ball speed for higher-launching, longer-carrying shots across the entire set.

When you’ve earned the reputation as the game’s most forgiving driver that also ranks as one of the longest, the next step is obvious: You make it longer. So we did, by engineering a new face-design optimization that leads to increased face flexing, producing the faster ball speeds that generate consistently longer, accurate tee shots from three custom-fit models: G430 MAX. SFT {straight flight) and LST (low spin).

Your shot making and your confidence will be sky high with the new G430 iron. lt’s the result of a complex design that combines a lower CG with stronger, custom-engineered lofts and a thinner face that gives you up to 2 more mph of ball speed – leading to significant distance gains without compromising PING’s famous forgiveness. Among the contributors to the distance gains is the PurFlex cavity badge, an engineering advancement that promotes more face bending while ensuring a desirable impact experience. Alt of which makes G430 a distance and score-lowering iron in one.

Sizing up your approach into a long par 4, going for the par•S in tv,.•o, you want 100% confidence that your fairway wood will give you the solid contact, speed and higher ball flight to get you home. In the G430 fairways, we’ve developed Carbonfly Wrap to deliver more distance by positioning the CG closer to the force line to maximize ball speed, resulting in higher, longer carries, whether you’re fit for the MAX or the SFT model. They also rely on Facewrap and Spinsistency, two proven technologies that contribute to distance gains and spin consistency across the clubface.

Any time you call on them, the new G430 hybrids will give you the performance you need, loaded with innovations like Carbonfly Wrap, our newest technology and the key to more distance and green-holding stopping power. Alongside proven technologies Facewrap and Spinsistency, they deliver the speed you need to ta<e on any approach shot and with six loft options, they are ideal mid- and long-iron replacements to help fill distance gaps in your game.

Coach Scott Barla discusses the benefits of Custom Club Fitting at Barla Golf Academy in Noblesville, Indiana